Satoko Fujii – piano
Joe Fonda – bass

Special guest Natsuki Tamura – trumpet

photo by Dave Wade

Intimate and mercurial, Duet features the adventurous musical exchange between two masters of their art.  Pianist Fujii and bassist Fonda tap a rich vein of musical understanding in this collaboration showcasing a lifetime of experience and artistry. The woody sound, intense physicality, and percussive quality of Fondafs bass contrasts beautifully with Fujiifs more flowing lines.  When they add trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, the music grows richer and even more complex and layered.

The group has released one recording, 2016fs Duet, which captured their second ever performance together.  The rapport between them is magical and they seem to anticipate each other, sometimes spontaneously playing the same phrases at the same time, finishing each otherfs thoughts, or concluding independent lines simultaneously.

gDuetcis a masterful outing where Fujii and Fonda work with empathy and inspiration. The music is by turns reflective and intense, always focused and often striking in its complex beauty.h\Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz

 g[Fujiifs] solos contain sharp angles, even sharper left turns, syncopation run amok and the kind of arpeggios that surprise and delight. Bassist Fonda is super-attuned to her every tic. When you consider that the two never performed together or never even met, the results are jaw-droppingcDuet is here to freak you out. And it will.h\Mike Greenblatt, The Classical Arts

gThe first thing I noticed is how well this disc is recorded: superbly, warm, spacious and thoroughly enchantingclike entering an elegant dream world. When it finally fades away, I wish it was going on and on.h\Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

 gThe duo produces astonishing musical textures that arise out of the mists. They engage in what sounds like joyous battle at times, only to swerve in a flash to produce ethereal sounds that float in mid-air.h\Budd Kopman, All About Jazz

 gFlourishing with creative intuition and boasting an impeccable execution, Duet unreservedly explores the powerful musical spectrums of Fujii and Fonda, in a beautiful intersection.h\Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail

CD "Duet" 2016



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